Saturday, November 19, 2005

Currency trading can make you rich: My Journal(1)


Currency trading? what is that?

Currency Trading - The act of exchanging the legal tender of one country for another.

Let me explain to you in simple word. Currency trading is when you buy foreign country's currency(ex. other country than yours) at lower price, then, sell it when its price increase. But you know what...

Until six years ago, when the United States Congress passed a law and made it possible for the small investors and average citizen to participate in this currency day trading, only large banks, financial institutions, millionaires and billionaires were doing currency trading.

Currency day trading is the best kept Secret of the rich and powerful, international bankers, the money elite, who own and control all the banks, companies, corporations and foundations in the world.

Well if i were you, i will now become interested to this money making tool(buy money at low price, then sell it when its price increased) and start to think of how much money i can make in just buying and selling other country's currency(or should i say, other country's money?). Buy money, then sell it to gain profit. Interesting.

May be Thats all for now, be with me because i will tell you more about currency trading in my next post titled

"Why do you want to trade currency?" i will post it in no time. just check back soon ok.

Rich sense.